Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ayurvedic Triphala and Arjuna

I've been having such a struggle with my health, especially these last few years, and I feel that I've had so many "failed" attempts to improve my health.  When something works and works WELL, I want to share that success with others.

Although I'm grateful for some aspects of modern medicine, the most healing medicines that have come into my own life over the years have been alternative and ancient Chinese or Indian medicines.

These past few years, especially this last one, I've had an extra difficult struggle with my heart (after a lifetime full of heart issues) and have felt like I'm at the end of my rope.  I've been doing my best to try and cling on to my life.  Some days and moments things can still be pretty touch and go and be quite scary with my heart and other organs not doing well.

This last December, I felt directed along with my friend, who also has the same heart and other health issues as me, to start taking some specific homeopathic remedies after much prayer and research.  These have helped us greatly.  The ones we've found to be best are Boiron's homeopathic pellet remedies.  I've been taking Baryta Carbonica, Magnesia Phosphorica, and Lycopodium.  (My friend took Digitalis in place of Baryta Carbonica for her remedies.)  I know that without these medicines available to me this past winter I wouldn't still be here.  The remedies have helped us with things ranging from severe chest pain, aceites, and edema, along with other issues related to our heart failure symptoms.  Recently when I started having kidney problems, I've taken Kali Phosphoricum and had great results as well.

When my friend and I were continuing to have severe problems despite the help from the homeopathics we were taking, we researched other alternatives we could look into and kept feeling drawn to Ayurvedic remedies feeling like the answer was somewhere in that realm.  After much research and prayer we were both impressed to start taking the Ayurvedic remedy Arjuna. We purchased it from a company called Himalaya.  (I've been impressed with their quality for many years with other remedies such as one called Menstricare for "that time of the month".  Highly recommend it.)

Back on track here, to make a long story short about the Arjuna, over the past couple of months since we ordered and started taking the Arjuna mid to late March, both my friend and I have seen improvement in the strength of our hearts.  We've still had issues but aren't quite as close to kicking the bucket as we had been, although nothing is ever certain when you have end stage congestive heart failure.

Recently my friend found out about another Ayurvedic remedy while she was researching called Triphala.  It combines three fruits into a remedy that is so helpful for many people that in ancient Indian culture there is a saying that says something like "If you don't have a mother, don't worry you have Triphala".

My friend and I ordered some from the same Himalaya company and started taking it yesterday. You take it just once a day before a meal. I just took my second dose a little over an hour ago, and I am laying in bed feeling blood flow in parts of my leg that I haven't felt in many months. I hadn't realized how numb my leg and foot were!  One of Triphala's many benefits is help with circulation. I've had faith that I would have good results from taking the Triphala but this is amazing! I can FEEL my leg and foot!!! After only the second dose too! Crazy amazing!

Anyways, I am VERY excited to see what this remedy does for my health and will keep you all posted on this blog. Just imagine, if this remedy is giving me such big results so quickly, who knows what it could do for you?  There are so many benefits to Triphala that it's hard to keep track of them all, but I will hopefully feel well enough to gather some of the Triphala benefits and list them in a new post soon.

XOXO ~ Ellie Elise