Thursday, February 7, 2013

CIICO - About Us Chronically Ill Cat Lovers...

What is "CIICO" you ask?  It's what me and millions of others are currently suffering from here on the internet - Chronic Illness Induced Cat Obsession.  Is it a serious illness?  Well...define "serious".  LOL 

I've noticed there are so many of us "spoonies" or those suffering some type of chronic illness that are completely obsessed with our cute fuzzy critters!  So much so that I've decided to call it CIICO.  (Hey, at least I think its funny.  Maybe that's just my tired brain for ya.)  

In my official opinion, there are two stages of CIICO:

  • Stage I - Enjoying pictures of other people's cute kitties.
  • Stage II - Posting endless amounts of pictures of your own furry kitty kid.

So far I am still just in Stage I but on the edge of entering Stage II.  Let us all hope that I don't enter into Stage II too soon or beware - it will never end!  My kitty is SOOO cute!  That's what all pet parents say but it's for sure true about my furry kitty girl.  

So, let us all continue to share the furry joy and cuteness that is our kitties and other animals!  This so we can spread cheer from sofa to sofa across the nation (and prevent me from feeling the need of clogging cyber space with all those endless pictures of my cat I have on my cell phone)!

xoxo ~Ellie

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